Xena Warrior Princess VR Cosplay with Marilyn Sugar & Billie Star

Fuck Billie Star and Marilyn Sugar in our new XXX Xena parody, all in glorious 5k 180 degree stereoscopic VR. Finally. You’ve got them in your grasp. You’ve finally captured Xena and Gabrielle and you’ve got them securely locked in a cell. You notice them murmuring, and immediately suspect a jailbreak attempt. In no time at all, they’re passionately kissing and disrobing. Is this just a classic distraction technique?
Probably, but you’re distracted anyway. When they invite you to get involved, you’re well aware that it’s a massive security concern. You might get fired or thrown into the stocks, but you never wanted to be a prison guard anyway. Grab your Quest 2, PSVR, or HTC headset and fuck these two warrior princesses at the same time. You deserve this.