Starring: Anna Claire Clouds

Uploaded: May 03, 2021

Duration: 57 min

Kalifa, dominatrix assassin, has been assigned to finish you. Today she sneaked into your home. As she was searching for a spot to hide and wait for you, she found a nice bathtub full of bubbles, her specialty. She is known to create and manipulate soap bubbles that can even “clean” the strength off of her opponents. She immediately jumped in. By a wonderful chance, you arrived home early and found her in your bathtub, playing with bubbles and her wet pussy. She might be a great assassin but you have your strengths too. She decides that before she finishes the job, she will have fun with you first. That blonde bombshell has a nice taste in men. If you please her well, maybe she decides not to eliminate a fine fucker like you.

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