When I saw the new scene was starring Stacy Cruz I know it is going the be a good one! And after seeing her beautiful photo’s I was completely in love! Thanks for this great scene you made my quarantine much better!

They call you The Big Bad Wolf. As a ruthless repo man, you have no problem taking people’s worldly possessions. Whether it’s sentimental or expensive, you’ll have it. Today, you’re at grandmother Hood’s residence, checking off the list of items that now belong to the bank. Out of nowhere, comes Little Red Riding Hood. Here it comes, you think to yourself. The classic plea for mercy. As you are about ready to tell her “tough luck, get to fuck”, she flashes you a bit of thigh. When you see her stockings you can’t help but get hard. Maybe you should hear her out. She does, after all, have a great looking rack under that hood of hers. Have a heart for once, Wolfy. Give Grandma Hood a payment extension, then fuck Red’s perfect tight pussy.