Pokemon VR Cosplay with Jewelz Blu


A lot of us spend their youth with watching Pokemon! and probably had their first sexual dream with one of the Pokemon characters in mind!
But let us and Jewelz Blu be the one that dream made come true! The young you, will be very thankful 😉

Knock knock knock. Oh shit, it’s the police! But fret not my friend, it’s just Officer Jenny. She’s investigating a string of recent break-ins in the area. Or so she says. She’d like to come in and take a look around and usually, you’d insist on seeing a warrant, but when you saw those legs of hers, you waived that right. Plus, your weed plant went missing recently, so perhaps she could share some clues. Fighting crime gets Jenny wetter than Squirtle’s water gun attack. Use your pound attack on that pussy and let Jenny empty your pokéballs.

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