Starring: Izzy Lush

Uploaded: June 7, 2021

Duration: 38 min

Not every day you have to deal with the biggest heist in the world. Professor and the gang are on it again but things are not going well for them. At least they made you believe so. They sacrifice Tokyo to create a distraction. You got her cornered and took her in. It’s your job to look an eye on her.

Of course, she won’t keep quiet. And Tokyo… She is one confident hot bitch that doesn’t mind using her looks and sexuality to her advantage. She admits this is a trick and she’ll get out. She starts flirting to convince you not to stay in her way. From the previous heist, you know she is telling the truth but you also won’t give up for free. Grab your Valve Index, Oculus Go, Quest 2, and fuck Izzy Lush as Tokyo in our brand new vrporn XXX cosplay parody here at VRCosplayX.